August 15, 2009

Driving in Orange County

Posted in Driving, Jewelry, Jewelry Supplies, Photography, Stupid People, Swarovski at 12:31 PM by Juli

Ugh, I just really, really, extremely HATE how crowded Southern California is. I went to the store to get my swarvsoki moons, because I was too impatient to wait a week or more to order them online, and it took 30mins 1 way just to get to the fucking store…everybody was doing like 5~10 MPH below the speed limit, AND I kept hitting every single red light, to and from my house. Only to arrive at the craft store, and only one moon left in stock…when I wanted at least 2 or 3. One for me, then the rest to sell :/

I also re took pictures of some of my jewelry designs because I’m a noob at taking awesome pics :[


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