August 15, 2009

HD Lamp

Posted in Earrings, HD lamp, Jewelry, Jewelry Supplies, Necklace, Photography, Swarovski, Twilight tagged , , , , , , at 10:59 PM by Juli

Oooooooh, I just got one of those high definition lamps, I LOVE it. I can finally take pictures of my jewelry at night =D I was also starting to hate my camera, because I could never get the pictures perfect without any blurriness. I was playing around with it earlier, and I changed the compression or something, from normal to fine.  The camera takes a bit longer to save/load the image after it’s taken, but it made a huge difference in the quality, which I’m extremely happy about. Now I love my camera again! Lol! New jewelry taken with my new HD lamp for lighting =D LOOK AT THAT DETAIL BABY! The moons I originally bought for a Twilight thing, but that didn’t work out, haha. So i just made it into a necklace for myself. They’re the moons i bought the other day.


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