August 25, 2009

Twilight Books

Posted in books, novels, reading, Twilight at 6:08 PM by Juli

Sad…so my mom has been bugging me to read a book for YEARS. I finally decided to give in, and buy Twilight since people keep saying it’s better than the book. I figured it would take me about two years to read it, because i hate reading. But….I’m sooo into it. I just bought it on Friday night, and I’m practically almost done (I had to slow down because I was reading it so fast). People were right though, the book is better than the movie. I didn’t realize how much they cut out in the movie. Even a few important details. In the movie, at some parts, I thought “eh?” but now it makes more sense having read the book…

I went to Borders to buy New Moon today because I have a 25% coupon that expires tomorrow…they were all out of the soft cover…grrrrr. Hardcover is $20! I’m not gonna pay that much…


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