August 27, 2009

Beads & the summer heat

Posted in beads, college, Driving, Jewelry, Orange County, parking, Uncategorized at 1:48 PM by Juli

So….As I was putting my beads on the shelf within my desk…two boxes fell..somehow, the boxes opened, and all my beads fell out -_- took me an hour to clean it up, and now probably another hour to two hours to reorganize…T_T

I knew having a class at 10:30am would be bad…it’s the worse time for parking at my college since 10:30 isn’t too late or too early for people.  I HAD to do it at 10:30am because all the other classes were picked. It’s 7:30am~10:20am, 10:30~11:50am on Tuesdays, then 10:30~11:50am on Thursdays, Biology. I had to park across the street just for parking. And it’s freaking like 100 degrees outside. That was fun walking in the heat.. As I got to class, the professor started saying they were towing cars, yesterday, where I parked (college students aren’t allowed to park in the lot across the street). So the whole class I was freaking out, worrying about my car. I removed the parking permit from my windshield, thinking it would hopefully help…I’m not the only one who parks there! There’s others 😦 But, my car was still there… :3


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