September 14, 2009

Errands…and rants

Posted in beads, books, college, Jewelry, Jewelry Supplies, parking tagged , , , , at 10:37 AM by Juli

I was planning on waking up early today, for once. I actually did around 8am. But…instead of getting out of bed, I was cold so I just huddled up in my blankets and fell back to sleep. I woke up again, at 9:20, hoping to get up then…nope…I ended up getting up at my usual 10am haha…Me and my lazy ass.

I’ve got some things to do today…groceries, get my biology book, …………what the I know I have more than that >_> Ahhh okay now I don’t even remember …oooh…go to the craft store was another.. Omg, the closer one to me, it took 15min just to find a parking’s NEVER been like that. They didn’t even have what I needed. So now I have to go to the farther one.

Ooh yahhh..and car wash and gas!

Dude, I’m sad 😦 I keep gaining weight. It seems like, everyday, I gain a friggin pound. And it seems to be the case this week. (Weighed myself every morning) I’m not even changing what/how much I eat! It doesn’t make sense 😦 Sigh, I’m not gonna eat for a few days ;~; which, I know WON’T happen because I love food too much and I will end up eating something in a few hours lol :/

I’ve also been wanting to make some new jewelry designs, but, I’ve just been..meeeh about it. I feel like I’m losing motivation to do it, but then again I know I can’t.

Theeeen I have a biology exam next thursday…I started on a study guide for it last night, but I need my text book >< meaning I HAVE to buy it now 😦 darn expensive ass books.


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