September 17, 2009

The Vampire Diaries & Exercising

Posted in Exercise bike, Vampire Diaries tagged , , , , at 9:06 PM by Juli I just did an hour on the exercise bike x_X while I was watching Vampire Diaries lol…It’s sad because I was making fun of how they’re copying Twilight, but, I thought I might as well watch it.  The girl and guy kissed ;O Stefan and Elena! lol. The show’s kind of weird though. My legs are tireeed..I mean, I do feel good that I actually exercised for a full hour, which is a HUGE thing for me…but mehh. I’m usually really lazy >_> Probably why I’m gaining weight..and because I eat a lot of carbs…I gotta use the bike more :/ Ahhhh anyway..shower time ~.~
I have to study for my biology least the prof took out some stuff since we’re behind…


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