October 3, 2009


Posted in Uncategorized at 10:07 PM by Juli

Okay, so I was pathetic and stupid, and I posted on craigslist’s “women seeking men” 😦 Yeah yeah shh. I’m not whore 😦 So, I got quite a few that replied. and I went out with one, had lunch, went to Downtown Disney and saw Zombieland :]

I went to visit him today at his work. While I was reading a magazine, some guy that worked there came up to me and said, ” you’re Juli right?” me: “uuhhh yeah? hehehh..?” “yeah, I saw your post on craigslist.” then he walked away. I KNOW I replied to him because they wouldn’t know my name unless I did. So I was like “oh shi-” rofl. I continued reading my magazine, then some other worker comes along, “reorganizing” some magazines. You know..it’s so obvious the other guy sent him to check me out D: So then I started to freak out hahaha. It was kind of hilarious though. So I told my guy that he’s got a co-worker that replied to my post..lol. I called my friend Drew, freak ranted out on him and oh man. I was just in a whole “wheeeeomgggg” mode the rest of the time ahhahah. They kept passing by and everything (I went up to the front to talk to mah guy~). lol…yeah that was fun 😦

Since he lives in Anaheim, about 5mins away from Disneyland too..I just might get a Disneyland annual pass! 😮


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