Base length is 7 “. Ask for different size.

Code: B14

Clear swarovski bicones, 6mm white glass pearls, and a crystal clear swarovski heart. Twilight inspired by Esmee’s bracelet. $7

I love this bracelet ❤

Code: B12
Sterling silver heart chain. Lavender swarovski flower. $9
Available in other colors.

Code: B11
Sterling silver heart chain. Crystal Clear swarovski heart $9
Available in other colors

Code: B10
Sterling silver heart chain. Clear aurora borealis swarovski heart $10
Available in other colors

Code: B09
Additional pic
Close Up
Heliotrope (purple/blue tint) swarovski hearts, swarovski beads, and rhodium plated key charms $10

Code: B03
Crystal aurora borealis moon with light sapphire, light topaz and clear swarovski stars $10

Code: B08
Additional pic
Heliotrope (purple/blue tint) swarovski hearts and purple aurora borealis swarovski hearts with a heart charm $7

Code: B07
Light sapphire swarovski moon with crystal clear and light sapphire bicone beads. $7

Code: B06
Grey swarovski beads and a star charm $4

Code: B05
Clear swarovski beads, blue swarovski beads and white glass pearls. Stretchy. $6

Code: B04
4 swarovski hearts. 2 bright light blue colored ones, clear and lavender.$6

Code: B03
Blue & clear swarovski bicone beads with a light blue swarovski heart. Nylon coated wire. $5

Code: B02
Light pink pearls with star charms $5 shipped

Code: B01
Light pink pearls with light pink swarovskis $5 shipped


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