Cell Phone Charms

PICK what color you want the cell phone strap! pick from:
black, light blue, blue, lavender, yellow, green, orange, hot pink, brown, gold (1)

Please let me know if you’d like to know the size of these, additional pictures, or customizations!

Code: CK48
$3.50 shipped

Code: CK47
Clear & grey swarovski bicone beads with a black glass bead, hemetite star & star charm. $5 shipped

Code: CK46
Clear and fuchsia swarovski bicone beads with an acrylic heart. $5 shipped

Code: CK45
Swarovski beads with acrylic pink hearts. $3 shipped.
Hearts also available in light blue, purple and green.

Code: CK43
Additional pic
Real purple freshwater pearls, swarovski crystal, acrylic flower & teardrop $4 shipped

Code: CK42
Additional Pic
Swarovski bead, white pearls & orange acrlyic teardrop & flower $3 shipped

Code: CK41
Pearls & acrylic heart & teardrop $3 shipped
Ask for other colors

Code: CK40
Silver pearls, clear swarovski beads & white cat’s eye heart $3 shipped

Code: CK39
Additional Pic
Multi-colored acrylic tear drops. $3 shipped

Code: CK38
Swarovski bead and acrylic tear drop $2 shipped <~ purchased with an other item

Code: CK37
Multi colored swarovski beads with star charms $5 shipped

Code: CK36
All swarovski beads $6 shipped

Code: CK35
All swarovski beads. $4 shipped

Code: CK34
Star charms & glass pearls $3 shipped

Code: CK33
Swarovski beads & pearls and acrylic flowers $3 shipped

Code: CK32
Swarovski beads & pearls and acrylic flowers $4 shipped

Bracelet cell phone strap $4 shipped
Ask for custom colors/charms/silver/black chain

Code: CK31
Crosses & swarovski beads on black wire $3 shipped

Code: CK30
Blue swarovski beads & heart, pearls, cat’s eye bead $4 shipped

Code: CK29
Swarovski beads & mix of charms $3 shipped

Code: CKPF
Paopu fruit from Kingdom Hearts! :3 $4 shipped

Code: CK28
4 Pastel colored swarovski hearts and two clear swarovski bicone beads, comes with a bell. $7 shipped

Code: CK27
Shades of blue swarovski bicone beads with a blue swarovski teardrop $5 shipped

Code: CK26
Shades of pink & red bicone swarovski beads & pearl with a bell & heart charm $5 shipped

Code: CK25
Fuchsia butterfly & heart swarovski beads with shades of pink bicone swarovski beads. Pearls & gemstone heart. $6 shipped

Code: CK24
Shades of brown & clear swarovski beads with a teddy bear charm $4 shipped

Code: CK23
Blue swarovski beads & pearls, gemstone hearts with a light blue swarovski heart $4 shipped

Code: CK22
Purple swarovski beads with a lavender swarovski heart & metal heart, makes a “chinging” noise. $5 shipped

Code: CK21
Acrylic flowers & leaf, with red swarovski beads $4 shipped

Code: CK20
Pink shaded swarovski beads, key and heart charms with a fuchsia colored swarovski heart $5 shipped

Code: CK19
Light blue & pink swarovski beads with clear/white glass seed beads, a music clef note and star charm $4 shipped

Code: CK18
Clear/white glass seed beads, cat’s eye bead hearts & swarovski beads $4 shipped

Code: CK17
Light blue see-through ribbon with pearls & swarovski beads $4 shipped

Code: CK16
Star & key charms with swarovski beads $4 shipped

Code: CK14
Swarovski beads & music note charms $5 shipped

Code: CK13
Gemstone hearts, swarovski beads, clear aurora borealis swarovski heart & key charms $5 shipped

Code: CK12
Swarovski beads, metal beads, swarovski heart, gemstone heart & key charm $5 shipped

Code: CK11
Swarovski beads, seashell star & star charms $5 shipped

Code: CK09
acrylic flower, swarovski beads, metal hearts & gemstone heart $4 shipped

Code: CK08
aluminum roses, acrylic flowers, pearls & glass beads $4 shipped

Code: CK07
Pearls with a swarovski bead & star charm $4 shipped

Code: CK06
swarovski beads & pearls with a gemstone heart & acrylic flower & glass beads $4 shipped

Code: CK05
seashell stars with swarovski beads & pearls $4 shipped

Code: CK04
seashell moons with an acrylic flower at the bottom & metal star spacer $4 shipped

Code: CK01
Acrylic flowers & leaves $3.50 shipped or $3 + 1 stamp


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