Ear Cuff / Cuff Earrings

★ These can also be changed to double piercings & the price will drop
★ I will not model these, only the ones that are already modeled is what you get.
Surgical steel studs/hooks. You can change the hooks/studs to studs/hooks, just request it
★ The longer chain on the cuffs is about 3″ then the shorter one (if there is one) is about 2 1/2″ if you would like it shorter/longer, please let me know.

Code: EC159
Double piercing, star charms $7.50

Code: EC158
Black/silver chain, wing charm, star charms and purple swarovski bead $6

Code: EC157
Star charms and light sapphire swarovski moon $7

Code: EC156
Cross charms with black/silver chain $7

Code: EC155
Self explainatory. Single sided $6

Code: EC154
Gemstone heart, glass pearls and swarovski beads $6

Code: EC153
Single sided music clef and star bead $6

Code: EC152
Stud close up
Star charms & studs $8
one available

Code: EC151
Star charms $6

Code: EC150
Crowns with a bow charm and a swarovski bead. Black and silver chain $7

Code: EC149
Full on wings charm cuff $7

Code: EC148
Key charms and hematite gemstone hearts $6

Code: EC147
White cat’s eye heart beads with star charms $7

Code: EC146
Close up
Light sapphire swarovski hearts with violet swarovski hearts and a heart charm $8

Code: EC145
Heliotrope (purple/blue) swarovski hearts with purple swarovski beads $8

Code: EC144
Music cleft note charms, and flower swarovski beads $8
flowers available in other colors

Code: EC143
Moon charms and swarovski beads $7

Code: EC142
Swarovski beads and mini rhodium plated stars $6

Code: EC141
Swarovski blue teardrops, swarovski bead and music charms $7

Code: EC141
Star charms, swarovski beads and dark blue glass pearls $6

Code: EC140
Purple aurora borealis swarovski hearts, purple swarovski beads, white glass pearls and a purple cat’s eye heart $7

Code: EC139
Different pink shaded swarovski beads and star charms $6

Code: EC138
Dolphin charms & swarovski bead $5

Code: EC137
Seashell moon charms, swarovski beads and a mini star charm $6

Code: EC136
Wing charms, purple cat’s eye hearts, blue cat’s eye heart and a mini star charm $6

Code: EC135
Music note charms, purple teardrop $6

Code: EC134
Glass pearl & swarovski bead, acrylic clear flowers, can be changed to other colors, ask. $5

Code: EC133
Black & clear swarovski beads, white cat’s eye bead, clear aurora borealis swarovski heart & wing charm $7

Code: EC132
Red swarovski hearts, a heart charm and key charms $7

Code: EC131
Mini star charms, pink swarovski bead and pink gemstone heart. $6

Code: EC130
Mini star charms & amethyst swarovski beads $6

Code: EC129
Single sided, blue swarovski bead, flat star charm, and a 3D mini star charm $5

Code: EC128
Swarovski beads with mini star charms $6

Code: EC127
Self explanatory, cross charms $6

Code: EC126
Star charms $6

Code: EC125
Blue/purple tinted aurora borealis swarovski hearts, and a hematite gemstone heart with a purple swarovski bead $7

Code: EC124
Amethyst swarovski beads with hematite gemstone hearts $6

Code: EC123
Outlined cross charms with smaller cross charms $6

Code: EC122
Real light blue/green seashell stars with star charms $6

Code: EC121
Real light green/blue seashell stars, clear glass cubes and emerald aurora borealis swarovski hearts $7

Code: EC120
Heart & Hello Kitty charms $6

Code: EC119
Star charms & acrylic pink stars $6
Ask for other colors

Code: EC118
Real light green/blue seashell stars with moon & star charms $7
The moon charms are slightly heavier than the average charms I have

Code: EC117
Wing & star charms with blue swarovski beads, bright blue cat’s eye heart & glass pearl $7

Code: EC116
Real purple seashell stars with purple colored swarovski beads $7

Code: EC115
Cross charms and a wing charm $6

Code: EC114
Blue swarovski beads with a star charm & bright blue acrylic teardrops $6

Code: EC113
Star charm with acrylic purple stars $5
Ask about other colors

Code: EC112
Single sided with star charms..charms. $5

Code: EC111
Hello Kitty charms & red swarovski hearts $7

Code: EC110
Hello kitty charms~ $6

Code: EC109
Single sided. Silver & black chain with a horse charm. $5

Code: EC108
Blue/purple tinted swarovski hearts with blue & purple swarovski beads $7

Code: EC107
Single sided. Silver & black chain with a star charm. $5

Code: EC106
Dolphin charms with ocean colored swarovski beads and a clear swarovski heart $7

Code: EC105
Heart charms with tulip flowers engraved into them, and fuchsia bicone beads $7

Code: EC104
Clear swarovski bicone bead, mini cross charm with rhinestone crosses $8

Code: EC103
Blue swarovski bicone beads and blue acrylic star beads $6
Also available in other colors.

Code: EC102
Music note charms, star charm & a peridot swarovski bead (can change the color). $6

Code: EC101
Star charms & music charms $7

Code: EC100
Star charms & wing charms $6

Code: EC99
Meh, plain and simple, star charms. $6

Code: EC98
Star charms, blue swarovski hearts, and a cat’s eye bead. $7

Code: EC97
Clay-ish like blue butterfly, acrlyic white flowers & swarovski beads. $6
Also available in pink, purple, red, green, orange and yellow.

Code: EC96
Additional picture
I have no idea what this charm character is from..but it was cute.. lol. “Ago Mong” o_o $6

Code: EC95
Self explanatory, cross charms. $6

Code: EC94
Clear aurora borealis swarovski hearts, with a clear swarovski bicone & white gemstone heart. $7

Code: ECSS01
Additional picture
Swarovski star charm with regular star charms. $7
One available

Code: EC93
Black & clear swarovski bicone beads on nylon coated wire, and white cat’s eye heart. $7

Code: EC92
Hemetite gemstone hearts with star charms. $6

Code: EC91
Additional picture.
3 different star charms, the chain from the cuff connects to the back of the stud~ $7
backs of studs are also surgical steel.

Code: EC90
Star charms & clear swarovski bead on the cuff/star~ $6

Code: EC89
Cross charms, chain from the cuff connects to the back (also surgical steel) of the stud. With a small silver plated cross on a sterling silver pin. $6

Code: EC88
Two different types of star charms with an acrylic bright, light blue teardrop. $6

Code: EC87
Single sided. Music note & star charm with a clear swarovski teardrop. $6

Code: EC86
Single sided. Wing, cross & star charm with a silver/white glass pearl. $5

Code: EC86
Single sided. Black swarovski bicone bead, clear round swarovski bead & cross charm that measures to 2.2cm $5

Code: EC85
One sided, swarovski beads & pearls $6

Code: EC84
Silver & black chain with star charms, black wire cuff, hemetite gemstone star and a grey swarovski bicone. $7
If you want the regular metal cuff, just ask.

Code: EC83
Purple swarovski heart beads with acrylic teardrops $6
If you want the regular metal cuff, just ask.

Code: EC82
Swarovski beads in shades of light blue & clear with star charms. $7
If you want the regular metal cuff, just ask.

Code: EC81
Single sided. Black wire cuff with black chain, two clear swarovski bicones & a key charm. $5
If you want the regular metal cuff, just ask.

Code: EC80
Single sided, music & star charms. Longer chains than what I normally do, they’re about 4″ & 3 1/2″ $5
If you want the regular metal cuff, just ask.

Code: EC79
Emerald shaded swarovski beadsd with a clear bicone, with star charms & a wing charm on the cuff. $6
If you want the regular metal cuff, just ask.

Code: EC78
Cat’s eye heart beads with acrylic teardrops. $6
also available in purple & white with clear drops.
If you want the regular metal cuff, just ask.

Code: EC77
Additional Close up
Single sided. Red swarovski bicone bead and a clear round swarovski with a crown & star charm. $6
Note: crown slightly weighs more than other charms, it’s about a tad bit bigger than a quarter (width wise).
If you want the regular metal cuff, just ask.

Code: EC76
Single sided. Fuchsia & purple shaded swarovski beads with a bear & star $5
If you want the regular metal cuff, just ask.

Code: EC75
Swarovski bicones & swarovski hearts. (There’s two clear ones, above the blue bead, on the cuff that can’t really be seen) Sterling silver hooks & eyepins. $7

Code: EC74
Single sided. Swarovski bicones on a chain connected to a stud $5

Code: EC73
Black & silver chain with a black swarovski bicone & acrylic teardrops $6

Code: EC08
Star charms, pearls & swarovski beads $6

Code: EC20
Black and silver chain with black, clear & grey swarovski bicone beads $6

Code: EC21
Teddy bear charms & clear swarovski beads (sorry that it’s hard to see the beads ><) $6

Code: EC22
Wings & blue swarovski beads $6

Code: EC42
Crowns, purple swarovski bead & heart $6

Code: EC72
Star charms with blue swarovski beads $6

Code: EC71
Star charms and chains, single sided. $6

Code: EC70
…self explanatory tongue.gif bright blue swarovski beads $5

Code: EC69
Single sided, simple cuff with two silver plated chains, and a black chain. $4

Code: EC68
Cross charms~ Can be changed to music notes and stars $5

Code: EC67
Single sided, wire cuff with lavender swarovski butterfly & clear flower on a sterling silver pin (attempted “peekaboo” ><) $5
Only a pink flower available right now, sorry!

Code: EC64
Black wire cuff with mini crosses and black swarovski teardrops $6
3 available but can get more.

Code: EC62
Glass star with swarovski beads, single sided $6

Code: EC61
Double piercing cuff with crosses $7
Crosses can be changed to music notes, star charms, cat’s eye hearts, etc, just tell me which.

Code: EC60
Music clef notes, gemstone white heart, black cat’s eye beads $6
Hearts also available in purple or blue

Code: EC59
Cat’s eye heart beads $6

Code: EC58
Single sided. Star charms & white gemstone heart beads $6
hearts also available in purple & blue

Code: EC57
Silver plated cross charms, single sided $6

Code: EC56
Clear round swarovski beads, 1 bicone and white hearts $7

Code: EC55
Red swarovski beads & hearts with a white heart on the cuff $7

Code: EC54
Blue gemstone heart & swarovski bead, single sided $5
Also available in pink

Code: EC53
Green pearls & swarvoskis, single sided $5

Code: EC52
One side, silver plated music note, clear round swarovski bead & star charm $6

Code: EC50
Heart charms $6

Code: EC49
Silver plated snowflake charms with white pearls $6

Code: EC48
Crosses~ $6

Code: EC47
Metal crosses. The bigger one’s design are leaves. Smaller ones are silver plated $6
It’s silver, not pink! It’s just the lighting x_X

Code: EC46
Swarovski bicones, swarovski hearts and pearls, sterling silver hooks $8

Code: EC45
Pink swarovski bicones with a metal star (looks discolored, but it’s just the lighting ><) & silver plated chain, sterling silver hook. Single sided $6

Code: EC44
Star charms, gemstone hearts, and swarovski hearts with sterling silver hooks $7

Code: EC43
Yet another simple star one…~ sterling silver hooks $6

Code: EC40
Swarovski beads, gemstone heart & music charms $7
heart also available in purple & white

Code: EC39
Seashell star charms with swarovski beads $6

Code: EC33
Hemetite gemstone heart, pearl, swarovski bead & glass teardrop $5

Code: EC32
Fuchsia & rose swarovski hearts with a gemstone heart & swarovski bicones $8

Code: EC30
Simple cuff with hematite stars & swarovski bicone $5
It’s not tarnished, it was just the lighting ><

Code: EC29
Blue gemstone hearts with swarovski bicone beads $6
Hearts also available in purple & white

Code: EC28
Swarovski purple hearts & swarovski bicone beads $7

Code: EC26
Swarovski clear hearts, swarovski fuchsia butterflies, and swarovski flower $9

Code: EC25
Blue and purple gemstone hearts $6
white hearts also available

Code: EC24
Modeled < If the chain seems too long, I can shorten it, I just did a random length of about 3~3 1/2″ =P
Simple star charms (made from tibetan silver) cuff $5

Code: EC23
Another simple star charm cuff $5

Code: EC19
Star charms dangle. Metal parts on the studs are sterling silver. $5

Code: EC18
White gemstone hearts (also available in purple & blue), Clear Aurora Borealis swarovski hearts, clear round swarovski beads & key charms $7

Code: EC17
Purple aurora borealis swarovski hearts with bicone swarovski beads and a metal heart $7
PURPLE/Vitral Light AURORA BOREALIS – out of stock, I have a regular shade of purple aurora borealis + other colors, ask!

Code: EC16
Swarovski beads & pearls $6
Also in lime green, dark blue, and lavender.

Code: EC014
Clear swarovski aurora borealis hearts, gemstone hearts (also available in purple or blue), and swarovski beads $7

Code: EC13
Swarovskis bead chain cuff, other colors available $6

Code: EC12
Pink & Blue swarovski beads with star charms (the other side is a hook) $7

Code: EC10
Red swarovski hearts & red swarovski beads (cuff has a bundle of 4 at the top) $7

Code: EC09
Gemstone hearts (also available in blue) & swarovski beads $6

Code: EC07
White gemstone hearts (also in blue & purple), round swarovski bead on the cuff & key charms $6

Code: EC04
Acrylic flowers & smaller swarovski flowers $6

Code: EC03
White gemstone hearts with a bigger blue one (smaller ones also available in purple or blue and bigger one available in pink $5

Code: EC02
Music clef note charms with round clear swarovski beads $7

Code: EC01
Seashell stars & moons $6

you can request the cuffs to be switched out to wire cuffs

Code: JC07
Lavender swarovski heart $4

Code: JC06
Music note charm with real purple fresh water pearls. $4

Code: JC05
Star charm with two swarovski amethyst bicone beads dangling on chains. $4

Code: JC04
Star charm & cross charm~ $3

Code: JC03
Swarovski bicone at the top, gemstone rose quartz hearts with silver glass seed beads. $4
Also available in blue.

Code: JC02
Cuff, swarovski bead & acyrlic heart. also available in pink, purple & green (click) $3

Code: JC01
Cuff, swarovski bead & charm (click here for more charm selection) $3

Code: EC63
Just the cuff, with gemstone heart beads $4
Hearts can be changed to purple or white, or mix them.

Code: EC66
Single, just the cuff, with clear round swarovski bead and cross. $4
Cross can be changed to music notes, cat’s eye hearts, swarovski heart (Swarovski heart will be +$1), etc.

Reduced: 80% of original size [ 719 x 398 ] – Click to view full image

Code: EC65
Specify which: hemetite stars, double chain stars, single chain stars $4

Wire available in dark blue, black, purple/pink (dark magentaish) & silver (other colors may be available soon depending on requests)
Non-tarnish wire~

Code: WC12
Additional picture 1
Additional picture 2
Silver wire twisted cuff with a star charm~ $2
Designed for any ear.

Code: WC11
Additional picture
Black wire swirling with fushcia swarovski bicone beads and black glass seed beads $3
Designed for any ear.

Code: WCS
Just a really simple cuff with a swarovski bead in the middle~ pick what color bead $1
Any ear

Code: WC10
Black wire with white cat’s eye heart with black seed glass beads $2
Designed for the left ear.

Code: WC09
A very unique style cuff, goes around the whole ear to dangle down with a star charm, then another star charm at the bottom & two swarovski beads. Dark blue wire.$4
Designed for the left ear.

Code: WC08
Simple cuff, tell me what color wire you want. $1
Any ear

Code: WC07
Additional picture with black wire & no chains
Dark blue wire with twists & clear swarovski beads with chains $3
No, the stud does NOT come with it..
Designed for the left ear.

Code: WC06
Wire cuff to a chain & stud with dangling music clef charm $3
Can be changed to a mini cross or whatever
(sorry, it’s backwards in the picture, took me a long ass time to take a decent picture because it kept dangling! lol)
Designed for any ear.

Code: WC05
Darl blue wire with a “flower” twist & chain dangles to a stud $3
Designed for the left ear.

Code: WC04
Black swarovski beads on chains from silver wire~ beads can be changed to other colors $3
Designed for the right ear.

Code: WC03
Dark blue wire with blue swarovskis & swarovski heart $3
either ear.

Model picture
Code: WC02
Dark blue wire with blue swarovski beads $1
Designed for the right ear

Code: WC01
Dark blue wire with green swarovski beads $1
Designed for the right ear.



  1. Ed Aquino said,

    Hello, I have a few items I see above and would like to order
    EC47 – EC109 – EC108 – EC117 – EC55 – EC17 – Where can I order and how.

    Thank you

  2. christil said,

    hey do yu sell your stuff? im really interested in EC158 and EC133. get back to me my email is tifchrisc@aol.com

  3. Natalie Khoung said,

    Are you selling the items above? If so, please contact me at fishebubblez@yahoo.com I’d like to order some!
    Thank you!

  4. Sandy said,

    Hello! I’m very interested in WC08 (just silver please) and EC69!
    Where can I order and what kind of payment would you like?

    My email is vasa0901@stcloudstate.edu
    Please email me ASAP w/ order form?


  5. Debbie said,

    I love your earrings. My question is..do the cuffs work on ears that don’t have piercing in the cartilage? I have three holes but no cartilage piercing. Thanks for your help!

  6. Denise said,

    i am interested too please tell me how to order them.

    and there any for just one holed-ears?
    i can’t get another piercing.
    i wasn’t sure if those were the clip ons.

  7. Juli said,

    Everyone, please visit jusanctuary.blogspot.com i moved the site onto blogspot. If you need to contact me…jujubee4@yahoo.com

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