Jewelry Information

Yes, I do have feedback. Which is located on eBay, soompi forums and, ask me for the links.

Important information, PLEASE READ!
Flat rate worldwide shipping costs: $2
New additions will always be at the top of the categories.
★ The beads used are swarovski crystal OOoooh the wonders of pretty~
★ Using surgical steel for the hooks/studs. Studs are 6mm half balls, I’m looking for 4mm ones.
-+$1 per pair to switch hooks AND pins to sterling silver
★ I’ll change it to clip ons, if requested, free of charge.
★ I’m not responsible if an infection occurs from any of these, it’s your responsibility if you choose to clean them or not
★ All earrings come with backs =]
★ The charms are lead & nickel free.
★ Most, if not all, these earrings are extremely light.
★ Chains are silver plated.
★ Most earrings are all available in a range of colors, so just ask! I can also modify any of these.
Have any ideas? Let me know! :3


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  1. Kelly Nguyen said,

    Does it cost $2 for ALL our purchases together to get shipped? Or does it cost $2 for every item that we buy to get shipped?

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