The default length for necklaces is 18~18 1/2″. If you would like the chain shorter/longer, please let me know. Sterling silver chain is available at extra cost. Price depends on the length (between $3~5).
Feel free to request any designs.

Code: N45
Eiffel tower charm, white glass pearl and 10mm crystal aurora borealis swarovski heart $7

Code: N44
Moon & star charms $5

Code: N43
Crown charm, key charm, heart charm, hematite gemstone heart and a 10mm golden crystal shadow swarovski heart $10

Code: N42
Wing charm with 8mm crystal clear and light sapphire swarovski rondelles $6

Code: N41
Close Up <~this pic came out really good =D
Eiffel tower charm, and a 14mm crystal golden shadow swarovski heart on a sterling silver bail $10

Code: N40
Rose charm, 10mm swarovski Heliotrope heart and a wing charm $6

Code: N39
Size comparison
Eiffel tower charm, 8mm light sapphire swarovski rondelle, and a wing charm $7

Code: N38
Eiffel tower charm, heart charm and crystal clear swarovski bead. Black chain. 30″ chain, but the length can be changed to how ever long you desire. $8

Code: N37
8mm jet black and crystal clear rondelle swarovski beads $6

16mm crystal clear and jet black swarovski moons. Sterling silver letter charm $10
Other letters available

Code: N36
Rhinestone crown charm on black chain $7

Code: N35
Two different key charms with a black swarovski heart. $5
I actually have a name for one of my designs for once..: Locked Up Heart (lame, but meh).

Code: N34
Close Up
Twilight inspired. Edward & Bella. This is so much better in person.
14mm swarovski heart in crystal golden shadow, and a 10mm swarovski sapphire AB heart. Sterling silver bails. $9

Code: N33
27mm music cleft charm with a 10mm violet swarovski flower. Sterling silver bails. $6

Code: N32
Close up
Black, round/oval 8mm swarovski beads all around. 25″ long. Can be slipped on over your head. $10

Code: NN03
Gemstone rose quartz heart with a swarovski bead $4

Code: N27
Pure sterling silver. Snake chain. 14mm crystal moonlight swarovski heart. $13

Code: N26
Additional Picture
18mm dark indigo swarovski heart, 10mm crystal clear swarovski heart, sterling silver bails $9

Code: N25
Close Up
Rhinestone crown pendant with a light sapphire 10mm swarovski heart $9

Code: N24
Sterling silver letter J charm, crystal aurora borealis swarovski heart, sterling bails $7
Other letters available

Code: N23
Additional Pic
Additional Pic
Jet black swarovski moon, burgundy swarovski starfish, sterling bails. $10

Code: N22
Additional Picture
Additional Picture
Sterling silver heart chain, 14mm crystal moonlight swarovski heart, 10mm purple aurora borealis swarovski heart $16

Code: N21
Sterling silver heart chain. 14mm Crystal Moonlight swarovski heart. $17

Code: N20
Crystal aurora borealis swarovski moon and light topaz swarovski star $8

Code: N12
14mm Crystal moonlight swarovski heart and 10mm swarovski heart in heliotrope (purple/blue tint) $8

Code: N03
Bermuda blue swarovski heart, wing charm and crystal clear swarovski start $7

Code: N02
Aquamarine swarovski flower, clear swarovski flower with aquamarine swarovski beads $6

Code: N09
Bermuda blue swarovski heart and crystal clear moon, wirewrapped. $7

Code: N10
Fail Modeling
Light topaz swarovski star with crystal clear and yellow swarovski bicone beads $5

Code: N01
Failed Modeling
14mm Dark Siam swarovski teardrop with a jet black 10mm swarovski teardrop, wirewrapped. $6

Code: N31
30mm crystal clear swarovski moon. Amazing o__o $10

Code: N30
Swarovski star in Light Topaz and swarovski moon in light sapphire. $8

Code: N29
Close Up
14mm Crystal Moonlight swarovski heart (pictures just don’t cut it). $7

Code: NCH
Crown charm (the size is a bit bigger than a quarter) and a Heliotrope (purple/blue) swarovski heart $7

Code: NRHT
Red swarovski heart, music clef note charm and a white cat’s eye bead $5

Code: NHS
Swarovski hearts trio. Rose, aquamarine and lavender. $7

Code: N14
Sapphire and emerald swarovski hearts with a white cat’s eye heart $6

Model (no, the chain isn’t that long, that necklace is mine and I wanted it that long, if you want it longer, ask)
Crystal clear swarovski moon, light blue swarvoski moon with clear and light blue swarovski bicone beads $15
(moons are pricey :[)

Reduced: 96% of original size [ 600 x 250 ] – Click to view full image

Code: N28
Moon and star charms with blue and clear swarovski beads. $6

Code: N27
Blue swarovski beads, a wing charm and a black acrylic flower charm $5

Code: N26
Heart & tulip charm with glass pearls & a grey swarovski bead $5

Code: N22
Blue aurora borealis swarovski heart with clear and blue swarovski beads <333 $6

Code: N21
Emerald aurora borealis swarovski heart, glass pearls and swarovski beads $7

Code: N20
Light pink pearls, real seashell moon, pink swarovski bead and glass cube $5

Code: N19
Purple aurora borealis swarovski heart~ $5.50
Ask for other colors

Code: N18
Rhinestone cross $5.50

Code: N17
Pucca charm! $5

Code: N16
Outlined cross necklace. $5

Close Up
Code: N15
Dark blue ribbon, dark blue bow, which can be moved, clear & blue swarovski bicones, bright light blue swarovski heart and a key charm. About 22″ long. $4

Code: N14
Silver crown necklace pendant with clear rhinestones. About 1 1/2″ tall, 1 3/4ths” wide. $5 shipped

Code: N13
Additional Picture
Swarovski heart with a hint of blue & purple with two blue swarovski teardrops. My fav at the moment ❤ $8

Reduced: 89% of original size [ 645 x 295 ] – Click to view full image

Code: N12
Close up
Swarovski beads~ you can ask for other colors. $6

Code: N11
Star charms with a clear & bright blue swarovski beads. $5

Code: N06
Cross charms. $5

Code: N05
Size comparison
Cross outlined charm & cross with clear rhinestones. $7

Code: N10
Swarovski heart & butterfly $6

Code: N09
Swarovski Hearts $6

Code: N04
Swarovski beads, white gemstone heart, key charm & star charm $5

Code: N03
Swarovski chain metal hearts, available in other colors $6

Code: N02
Swarovski chain & acrylic flower, available in other colors $6

Code: N01
Gemstone heart with swarovski beads & metal hearts $5


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