Bought from me before? feel free comment here! Please! 😀 Going to quote some from Soompi forums, I can give you the link for poof.

“hey ~~
i just my earrings today. they are sooo pretty ❤
thanks for taking the time to make them (;
they match the color of my dress perfectly. i was shocked.”

very happy with the products, it made my day =) they are very beautifulll!! i cant believe they are handmade!!
keep up the good work!!! my sister will be buying earrings soon as well as a few of my friends
and im definitely going to buy off you again =) thank youu!!”

recieved my cuff earrings today! they are awesome, can’t wait to wear them to school tomorrow, nobody else has them except for me and my sis in the entire school ! thxs so much”

“Juli, I’ve just recieved my earrings today! biggrin.gif
I love them, they are smaller than I expected, which is a good thing because my ears are sensitive to heavy jewelry smile.gif
Thank you for being so patient with all my questiosn and making my first Soompi buy go so great!”

and so on…please put your reviews ^-^


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