Shipping Information & How to Order

★ Shipping through USPS from Southern California, USA.
★ Flat rate shipping cost of $2 worldwide.
★ Will ship internationally (if you’re willing to pay the price, mainly on anything not jewelry related).
★ I’m not responsible once the package is out of my hands.
★ I’m not responsible for lost payments in the mail, you took the chance of sending cash :/
★ I will always provide proof with a receipt, ALWAYS. Unless it’s done through PP, you will have a delivery confirmation #
★ I accept Paypal + fees, concealed cash, money order & personal check in USD.
★We can also do a sale through eBay, if you would prefer it.

If you use Paypal, you will get an automatic tracking # provided by PP


Contact me if you would like to order something


Order Form

Item(s) /Code(s) & Price:
Payment Method:
Need any special shipping add ons? (insurance, delivery com. etc USA only):
Notification of jewelry updates? Y/N:


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  1. stephanie said,

    Code: EC149
    do you have that necklace with studs rather than hooks. in addition, do you sell them without the attachment for double piercings, simply the pair of cuff earrings? does that change the price?

    how much would that total, through a money order payment.

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